Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oil spill? What oil spill?

Obama administration lifts ban on deep-water drilling
--Washington Post, Oct. 12, 2010

Wow--Imagine that!

I knew POTUS was "Superman," but I didn't realize he used his Planet Krypton powers to fly around the world at super speeds, reverse the rotation of the Earth, and turn back time in order to save the Deep Water Horizon from exploding, thereby avoiding the oil spill and erasing the need for the drilling moratorium! Just think of all those thankful oil industry voters who can now concentrate on the elections. Just in the nick of time!

That's right, Jimmy. Just three weeks before the elections, and this gets pushed through, "..well ahead of the Nov. 30 date ..."

(Yes, but are they writing any new permits?)

Where is the investigative news media? Why aren't they covering this little maneuver? Too busy chasing red herrings at the Chamber of Commerce.

Do you think this might have something to do with the elections in Louisiana? Hey--if someone made such an accusation even though they don't have a bit of evidence, would that be enough to get journalists to ask questions? You know, like with the C of C funding sources?

If you are/were a Donkey voter, how do you rationalize this obvious, naked, cynical, politically timed move to blatantly attempt to sway votes and save seats (and Dem backsides, too). That's just my opinion, mind you. But I only know what I read in the paper.

Where are the Greenies now?
Where are the Alternative Energy advocates?
Where is General Electric and MSNBC?
Where are the Hollywood movie stars?

Looks like this Admin checked whatever principles it had at the door.

Have you?