Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Feature: The Chuck Todd "Daily Homer"

We're not the first to opine that Chuck Todd, Chief White House correspondent is a "homer" for POTUS.

Starting today, we introduce a new feature, "The Chuck Todd Daily Homer."

It will chronicle the madcap, zany antics of one "F. Chuck Todd" (as the master would put it) as he leads daily contortions and calisthenics on behalf of the White House Press "Corpse" and MSNBC in lap-dogging presidential positives, ignoring pesky negatives, glossing over toughies or otherwise carrying the water for this Administration.

Today's display about the president's "alleged" job offer to Sestak is only the most recent example. Anyone who watched Morning Joe this morning would have thought this fill-in host for Meet the Press was substituting for Press Sec. Robert Gibbs.

First -- Get the people ON the record, Chuck. Regardless of Sestak's job, that's your job.
Second -- Stop being such friends with Axlerod and grow a pair: "Who cares if your telling me what you heard, David, you're on this interview to answer to this question because we can't speak directly to your boss. If you don't know, the next time you talk to the president, ask him. Then come back when you know the answer to that question because I'm not going to stop asking it."
Third -- It’s not up to Chuck to defend "the press corpse" for not covering the story enough (even if he did cover it). Yes, a few outlets have run a story on this, but they stop pursuing when they get Axlerod's tap dance. "The Press" is much larger than him, and he knows it--and they AREN'T covering this story enough.
Fourth -- It's also not Chuck's job to argue FOR the Administration and inject his hypothesis as to what "may" have happened between the Prez and Sestak: "Sestak may have thought he heard a job offer..." What's up with that? And it's not Chuck's job to whip out the obligatory "Dick Cheney Story." Wasn't Obama supposed to be different that the last Admin? Wasn't he supposed to be "the most Transparent" president? You've beat up that horse enough; why not hold this Admin to the Bull$#@* they promised instead?
Fifth -- If anything you, as "WH chief correspondent" and the other WH press corps should use this (among many things) to beat a daily drum to have a live press conference from the Communicator in Chief instead of being his lap dogs. Almost 1 year and no chance to ask him about this scandal, the recent primary election losses, Arizona Immigration Law, union pension bailouts, the Euro troubles, Greece/Portugal crisis, Gulf Oil Spill, his Supreme nominee, the still open Club Gitmo, the Koreas, KSM trial, etc. Would you really have sat idly by and allowed Bush to go this long w/o a presser with all this stuff going on?
Lastly -- You never did answer Joe's statement that were this the Bush Admin, newspapers, politicians and pundits would be shouting from the rooftops, Chuck.

But--What a way to kick-off this Feature!