Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The fastest flash in the pan in recent memory

Well the MSM is all aflutter about (NY-D) Rep. Massa's weird performance on Glenn Beck.

Funny, they don't propose the sinister same motives about his later appearance on Larry King. I guess Larry didn't have an agenda when he booked him. (Oh, maybe he did, but much more pure than Glenn: ratings!)

But before they get all 'holier than thou' on us, it is the MSM that needs to get real. Imagine if this would have been a GOP Representative going off about the Left's favorite whipping boy -- Karl Rove. Some rookie Republican calling Rove the "son of the devil's spawn' and asserting Karl would be willing to 'sell his own mother' for political victories, can you imagine the stampede to book that guy? Not only Larry (who cares anymore anyway?), but Sponge Keith Squarepants, handsome Rachel, the horses' a$# Mr. Ed, Tingley Chris, Comedy John, hobo Bill, etc., would have lined him up in a second.

And the guy would have been toasted by everyone from the editorial pages of the NYT to WashPo, and probably displaced POTUS on next week's cover of Time (well, maybe shared it with BO). He'd be hailed as "a courageous whistle-blower" unmasking the distasteful, bare-knuckled, slash-and-burn GOP political machine praying at the alter of Lee Atwater. Not only that, they'd be calls for immediate Congressional and perhaps criminal investigations, accompanied by the timeless "this puts the (GOP) president's agenda on hold" while these "serious charges" are looked in to.

Rather than smirking about how the Right (and Larry) got played by Massa, the MSM and the Left ought to be asking, how did this guy get elected as a New York liberal democrat? After all, he was YOUR guy until Monday. Another question: How many more do they have like this one?