Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Germans: Take it easy; things will be all right

Saw a post mortem on the Mass Senate Election in Spiegel recently. Seems they are ready to cash in their Obama Bonds and call it a day. After reading: The World from Berlin: The World Bids Farewell to Obama, you really hope they keep the sharp objects away from those peeps and lock the windows with ledges.

Problem is that Spiegel's foreign “observers” on both the Left and the Right (and Center) completely missed it what is rather obvious to we lowly US citizens not in NYC, LA or DC. Whether it’s expected by their publication, inherent in their natures, or I’m just so incredibly prescient (LOL!), they just can’t see the Black Forest for the trees. So I fired off a letter to der Editor.

Senator Brown's victory wasn't because of the Republican Party machine and the loss isn't because the country is now poised to swing back to knuckle-dragging cavemen days. And it’s not because Oakley ran a poor race (look what she had to use for ammo). Contrary to what the POTUS told George Stephanopoulos, the anger that swept Brown into office WAS NOT the same anger that propelled him into the presidency. The anger that produced Brown was in response to what was coming OUT of today’s Oval Office.

First of all I told the German editors, Healthcare is NOT as big of an issue to everyday Americans as Europe sees in most of the Domestic and Foreign news media; it really has never been high among – unaided – polls of Americans. It’s only talked about because it’s a priority for Democrats seeking a platform and (naturally) those that don’t have health insurance. On a good day, Healthcare is lucky to be in the top 10 issues we think about, but it IS higher on our minds than global warming.

The real cause of Massachusetts was what happened during the later stages of the Healthcare debate in Congress in December 2009 and early January 2010. People finally had enough of how much Obama lied to them. There I said it, he L I E D. Thank you, Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R).
Whether or not one agrees with the causes of the Iraq War, and whether one thinks Bush lied about when and what evidence was known or not known about Saddam links to Al-Qaeda or presence of WMDs, the truth is that a case was made at the time, and the US Congress and the UN OK’d going in. None of that debate was personally administered by Mr. Bush. The same cannot be said by Mr. Obama in the case of healthcare, yet no one could speak this truth to power.

Until Massachusetts on Jan. 19.

So for starters, here are the four reasons I shared with Spiegel’s audiences for the “Shot heard ‘round the world, part 2”.

First, Barry said 1) OmamaCare won't add to deficit or cost us more, which is not correct; even we poorly educated Americans realize you can't add 40 million more people, especially those whose – pre-existing conditions – healthcare IS going to be more expensive, without costs going up to pay for it.

2) Then, when you have to literally bribe the 4 last Senators in his own party to convince them to vote for it, (i.e. the Louisiana Purchase and the Nebraska Buy-out) -- how good can the plan be? If it’s SO good and noble and landmark, why aren’t they climbing all over themselves to vote for it?

3) Next, Barry campaigned on and promised to open up the final bill-writing process and put it on TV (C-SPAN). Transparency was Obama’s middle name. Until December, when he reneged on that promise without explaining why, he ignored the director of C-SPAN’s open offer to carry the deliberation (and Nancy Pelosi flouted the mere thought of the promise), and didn't even TRY to make this happen.

4) Lastly, BAM said that “the era of lobbyists and special interests having influence” and being brought in for secret "sweetheart" deals was over. Until the Labor Unions didn't like hearing their "Cadillac" healthcare coverage was going to be taxed; they said “excuse me, Mr. President” went up to the WH for a meeting and lo & behold Obama decided to exempt them from the proposed tax.

THIS is why Massachusetts happened.

Mr. Brown was a no-body until after Christmas Eve, when most of this Healthcare double-dealing started to happen. Well in-between tropical Christmas vacations, NBC/Leno/Conan internal troubles, a heartbreaking international disaster in Haiti, it turns out that the People were paying attention. And they didn't like it what they saw. That is what really happened.
So I tried to calm Spiegel’s readers by assuring them it wasn't because Massachusetts voters loved water-boarding, it wasn't because they don't want good schools for their kids.

It was simply because the President promised one thing and ignorantly, blatantly tried to get away with the opposite. Until the US media can have the courage to plainly say that Obama didn’t tell us the truth, the Germans (and all foreign media) will continue to be puzzled by American politics.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mr. President, tear down this wall

"That's what I will do in bringing all parties together,
not negotiating
behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together,
and broadcasting
those negotiations on C-SPAN so that the
American people can see what the
choices are."

Then - candidate Obama (he really wasn't much of a senator, spent most of his time getting ready to run) - at a debate vs. Hillary Clinton

Los Angeles, Jan. 31, 2008