Monday, December 07, 2009

Lining pockets with "Green" Money

My local newspaper reprinted an article from POLITICO about the curious connection between gold brokers and their advertisements on conservative talk shows. Basically, Glenn, Bill, both Michael s, Laura, Mark, G-man, etc., shilling for these companies that are dangerous to the gold markets when not out-right stealing money from the mouths of poor widows on pensions.

Here's my take:

There have been and will always be people of all stripes who don't read the fine print of what they're buying for many things, especially investments. But does that make it a Right-Wing Wacko cabal to manipulate the gold market?

These are ADVERTISERS and the celebrities and shows are COMMENTATORS. They are not "news" reporters/journalists and their product is not presented as unbiased news (unlike POLITICO). "Let the buyer beware" is no different for Gold than it is with GM cars, Citibank accounts, Goldman Sacks portfolios, or dare I say, an AARP membership. Sometimes you don't get what you expected. Howie Long isn't going to give me my $ back if I don't like my Chevy.

What's more brazen is that with this one article, POLITICO has invested more time and investigative energy into this straw dog controversy than it has directed at a real scandal, like ClimateGate.

Don't you think a certain politician has a financial interest in promoting the "sky is falling" AGM movement? His bloviations are accepted as "true" and reported as "news" because he won a couple non-science based popularity awards, yet he and others stand to gain considerably if certain laws are passed and policies adopted.

Will POLITICO look into his holdings and those of his firm? Such entanglements have numerous, deeper and more serious repercussions for us all than some Pennsylvania housewife not getting the number of shiny coins she expected.

As it appears on Politico

I found it was a much more interesting read when I recommended selected substitutions of mean, cruel conservative words with pure, wholesome, kind Progressive buzzwords. Here's my suggested re-write:

"For years a certain strain of progressive thought has held that there was one sure hedge against free market economies, domestic energy independence and conservative rule – global warming.

Now that belief has led to a kind of harmonic convergence between ideology and commerce.
Anyone tuning in to mainstream media or NBC News’ Today Show and CNN’s Anderson Cooper shows is bombarded by “news reports” for man made global warming, mainly in the form of data from UN-affiliated research at the Univ. of East Anglia, with reporters and anchors intoning that melting icecaps and marooned polar bears caused by fossil fuels, big business and western lifestyles are devastating the planet and making Kyoto and Copenhagen the “last best hopes” for the earth.

The dire tone sounded in the news often echo the occasionally apocalyptic climatologist’s forecasts of the shows’ guests, many of whom have investments or grant funding riding with the governments or UN agencies, appear in their Oscar-winning movies, or have had their researchers as experts to trash the global warming doubters course set by former President George Bush and congressional Republicans, and to preach the attractions of cap and trade. "