Friday, October 09, 2009

SNL must not be carried in Oslo....

Apparently Saturday Night Live isn't carried in Scandinavia.

Couple thoughts:
Maybe now we know why he hasn't made Afghanistan more of a priority. Talk to the General once and drag your feet just long enough until the announcement was made; will be kinda tough to increase the troop levels now, don't you think?
Next, I didn't think my regard for the Nobel process could get any lower after Jimmy and Al got theirs. Don't know how many houses Barry has built (without Rezko's help, that is) and I don't think he's won an Academy award for documentary film making. But he does deliver a darn fine teleprompter speech.
Apparently Nobel doesn't follow its own rules because at the time of the Feb. 1 nomination deadline, he'd only just been "immaculated" on Jan. 20. So they had just the first day signing of the "Close Gitmo" order (which hasn't happened yet and may not meet its deadline) and his Inauguration speech go base it on. His address to Joint session of congress ("We do not torture") didn't happen until later in Feb., and his Cairo University speech didn't happen until June.

Guess as long as you go around the world apologizing for America, the Nobel is yours.