Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Most "Rusted" Name in News

"CNN Drops to Last Place Among Cable News Networks"

So reported the New York Times on Oct. 26.

The NY Times media writer (Bill Carter) might have his opinion as to what the ratings mean.

"The results demonstrate once more the apparent preference of viewers for opinion-oriented shows from the news networks in prime time."

If I may be so bold, perhaps -- just perhaps -- it could mean that they are just tired of CNN. (the audience gasps!) At least, this incarnation.

Whether that fatigue is better described by "weariness" or "wariness" is the real predicament for the network, because one condition is far easier to respond to than the other.

One is a change of personnel, and maybe a studio set. The other is a change in how they report the news and what news they decide to cover. (again, the audience gasps)

Why is it that when a new car design becomes so popular, it quickly attracts imitation (most sincerest form of flattery)? Why is it that a food flavor becomes discovered or developed -- like Chipotle today, or pesto years ago -- (mesquite was "all that" back in the day). And remember "Ice" beer? Heck, everybody had to hurry out one of those.

Except in news.

FOX comes along and consistently spanks every other (cable) news outlets and threatens even the Legacy Nets in viewship and certainly brand loyalty. And rather than check into what product FOX brings to market and learn why its popular (and dare I suggest, emulate it a bit), the competitors pronounce the numbers to be an aberration or blame the (sizable) audience as being "brainless, mind-numb robots," "unthinking Dittoheads," or as our dear POTUS recently described us, non-critical thinking automatons who "do as we're told."

Oh, that's right. The Left doesn't understand how markets work.