Friday, October 02, 2009

Is today the day the US media suddenly notices the Emperor has no clothes?

That nobody in the audience swooned when he spoke should have been a hint. But will today's Olympic decision be the day that inquiring minds of the US media finally snap out of their self-induced, teenage girl crush on da Emperor to notice how he's dressed?

I can't decide if POTUS is a high-stakes gambler from the back rooms of smokey pool halls on Chi-Town's South Side or he trusts much his advisers waaaaay too much. (There's a third option I'd rather not ponder.)

It wasn't just that he & the Mrs. made the HIGHLY publicized trip to lobby the IOC, but he actually had much more involvement that hasn't yet been reported (no doubt to come out later after the "win" in a documentary or a TIME magazine exclusive to show how his diplomatic prowess and "behind-the-scenes" personal efficaciousness carried the day.) Don't know if that story will be allowed to come out.

The gamble was this: there IS a reason why sitting presidents don't tend to get hip-deep involved in the Olympic pitch business.
Nobody likes to lose on such a public stage, and on the WORLD stage to boot.

Editor's note: Lest I be accused of ripping off "The Master," he also mentioned this fact on his show while I was driving around shouting the same thing at the radio. Great minds do think alike ;-)

THUS, Did Barry roll the dice that the cult of personality he enjoys with the US media would sway the IOC; OR, was it his advisers who assured him that would be the case even in cold, gray Denmark?

If it's the former, he's been reading too much of his own press.
If it's the latter, it might be time to get some new advisers that are brave enough to tell him the one about the Emperor's new clothes.