Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Let the weapon inspectors do their work

Seems to me that Congress, the President, Algore, and a long list of special interest groups are now doing exactly what Pres. Bush was criticized for in going to war in Iraq.

"There's no time to waste! We have to move
"We have evidence that this is happening or could
"The best intelligence we have points to
"Danger Will Robinson!"

Critics bemoaned and impugned Bush's motives (and questioned his authority), contradicted his evidence, disparaged his supporters, urged more time further examination, requested direct debate, presented conflicting evidence, proposed alternatives (and rallied like-minded supporters to publicly protest and repeatedly ridiculed the opposition).

Has any of that happened with Global Warming? No--anyone who felt or thought differently was marginalized as a "kook."

Bush's team and Congress (at that time) swayed enough people to go forward; OK, elections have consequences. But his critics were covered in the media and given a say in many forums crying foul (constantly) all the way until today.

Now a new president, a new Congress, and new campaign contributors are rushing the country into a similar situation screaming crisis!, crisis!, crisis!, urging immediate action all while a general assumption that:
  1. the science is unmistakable (it's not)
  2. the "experts" are unimpeachable (they're far from it)
  3. the debate has already happened & they won (definitely hasn't)
  4. and that the public supports it (polls show when fully informed of all pros/cons at stake we really don't).

Just this week, a Senator proposed investigating whether, allegedly, the Administration squelched an internal doubter and silenced his dissent. Was the media all over this story as they were when Pres. Bush was supposed to have done the same? Will that person break his silence on “60 Minutes” or be pictured in sunglasses and a headscarf on the cover of “Vanity Fair”?

Such a far-reaching, game-changing redirection of national programs, policies, government regulations and public sector requirements deserves greater consideration and open, honest debate. The earth has somehow made it through "the last 8 years" (the divining line of all things nowadays), it'll make it through a few more days or weeks so our representatives AT LEAST HAVE TIME TO READ THE LEGISLATION.

The president and his party could do well to heed Colin Powell's warning to Bush about Iraq:

"You break it, you own it."