Friday, July 03, 2009

"Cue the Hugger"

Do these people have no shame? Talk about "exploitation!"

If GWB would have had even one photo opp forum like this "... an emotional forum before a supportive audience..." with wounded Iraq War vets who supported him, people would be screaming bloody murder. Remember what happened with the megaphone shot at Ground Zero!
Where are the media in calling attention to this?

Hopes were temporarily raised this week when First Mouthpiece Robert Gibbs had a run-in with the Wicked Witch of the West Wing at a daily presser.

(NOTE: By the way, the largest public relations professional society in North America awarded Gibbs "PR Professional of the Year." ) He was presented the award for:

  1. "... Gibbs won it for the campaign's message and ability to stay on it, its use of new media, and the "visible emphasis on communications transparency, openness and expediency, and generated a feeling of real-time connectedness with the electorate due to the active dialog with voters...."
  2. “When the collective Honors and Awards Committee met to determine who really made the most impact on this industry from innovation, dedication and strategic public relations, it was clear and unanimous — Robert Gibbs.

Besides his smarmy, stuck-up attitude and lame attempts at humor to extricate himself, the guy never answered the question. And when Helen Thomas -- who everyone knows had zero love for the Bushies -- is calling you out about lack of transparency and controlling practices, you know it's bad.

We live in hope that the American public -- and eventually the American media -- will eventually wake up form this Obama drug-induced coma and realize that this "stagecraft" way 0f governing is telepromtering the country into a big pile of BS that no amount of spin cycle will be able to cleanse.