Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well THIS isn't in the script

Photo: LA Times

"The decision comes as many in the gay community have voiced disappointment with the president, especially after the administration filed a legal brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act."
While the news story is from today, the photo dates back four weeks. Note: posters were NOT made by Right-wing wackos, see the rainbow flag above the "Fail" one. (My personal favorite.)
Of course it appears new to many of you because most of the country didn't see this photo or video images because the State Media Industrial Complex won't carry images like this. But like we're seeing in Iran, even the most locked-down media black-out has some leaks and here's one.
Either that or somewhere out in LaLa Land someone apparently didn't get the memo. (Note: this photo accompanied a story back in late MAY when The Teleprompter was raising money in Hollywood.)
Like we've been saying for years about other "special interest groups" -- it's not like your going to suddenly take your money and go vote Republican.
So what if it takes a little time--Bam's operating on HIS time, not yours. So my advice is to chill out, wait a little longer ("Milk" is coming out on DVD soon, so focus on that) and when he gets Healthcare and Cap-and-Trade done, then he'll get to you. Eventually. Maybe.
Tell us which is worse: a president who disagrees with you but tells the truth and lets you know where he stands; or, a guy who takes your vote, takes your money, uses your "people"-power, says what you want to hear, but doesn't do it?
If you really want to be a pain, ask him if a same-sex ceremony can be performed in the White House or Rose Garden. You know, just to see what he says.