Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rush Punks SRM (again)

NOW with Bill Moyers. Politics & Economy. Talk Radio. Kathleen Hall Jamieson on History and Impact PBS: "The person who listened to political talk radio as a conservative is more likely to be a consumer of mainstream media than a person who isn't a high consumer of political conservative talk radio." (2-13-2004)

Can't believe MSM or as RL would say, "State Run Media," fell for this.

Rush is only saying this so that MSM/SRM is:
1) "forced" to ask her about her position in order to distance herself from appearing to appeal to him (whom the Left hates), and thus,
2) Put in position to illustrate her views do not represent the majority of Latinas, most of whom claim a Catholic background and many espouse "Pro-Life" positions vs. "Pro-Choice"; thus, proving the his point.

RLPunked” them here like he did to Hillary during the 2008 Democrat primaries. A Rush endorsement does madam judge more harm within her Dem/Lefty base than his worst criticism could ever do. They're probably huddled right now thinking, “How can we disavow this "endorsement" without showing our true hand?”

Got into a convo with a Lefty about this. “April” was typical in calling Rush listeners every disparaging name in the book, so I had to correct her. Certainly, Political Talk format has its share of crude, rude and obnoxious audience, but really not any more than other formats, say ... Urban Contemporary.

(Editor’s note: Have you given that a listen? There's a LOT of hate on that air. An unabashed favoritism toward Bam that makes Fox or Talk Radio pale – pun, sorry -- in comparison. Where’s the Fairness Doctrine when you need it?)

To prove my point, I challenged her (and you, gentle readers) to check out the work of the Univ. of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communication, and professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson. She researched this theory since the mid-90s (after the Republican Revolution Midterm sea-change) ostensibly to prove “April’s” assumptions. They were (and continue to be) surprised to find out Rush's audience was actually better educated, more exposed to different media news sources, more politically active and likely to be voters, than comparable listeners of even NPR. (Google it; it’s true. Bill Moyer's NOW 2-13-04)

Garden Variety Liberals (aka “Rush haters”) are actually more guilty of what they accuse Rush Listeners of being – robotic sheep that hear nothing but their master’s voice and can’t think on their own. While the rank-and-file libs you meet at parties or on the street readily discount Limbaugh (and talk radio generally) and demean the audience “across the fruited plain,” THEY do so at their own peril. They are also whistling past the graveyard when they pooh-pooh Rush as being “… just an entertainer, doing it for ratings.” Rush knows otherwise and (and so do most of his listeners).

This “he’s just saying that for the money” mantra from the Left actually provides Rush, in effect, with a cloak of immunity. But that’s Rush’s final insult to injury because he doesn’t.

The Lib Leaders, on the other hand, know better. That's why Air America was tried (… and tried, and tried, and tried—and failed). And that’s why "Fairness Doctrine" is being re-floated.