Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bam to "Axis of Evil": See no evil, speak no evil

Couple things about O and Iran.

First, in the days before and during the Iranian election day, Bam & Company were glowing and crowing about how Bamster's influence. Cited for the overwhelming turnout and excitement was Bam's famous "extended hand to an unclenched fist" policy and of course the "great Cairo University speech." Yep, it was Obama the world had to thank for the "vigorous debate" demonstrated at the polls (pretty much taking credit for the high turnout and challenges to Ahmadinejad). Unprovable statement but unchallenged by mainstream media.

[Editor's NOTE: As opposed to say, the presence of a now democratic Iraq next door?]

Here's proof: If his speechifying was so influential, imagine what another one of his speeches could do for the people of Iran and the world now? Too bad, the US must stay out of things & remain silent. (Uh, maybe the time for that was before people started getting shot in the streets.) Only until Bam sees how things will shake out so he can claim credit for it (again unprovable but unchallenged by mainstream media).

Next, even after his lofty, wise and statesmen-like "see no evil, speak no evil" policy, Barry is being accused of tampering and interfering by the Supreme Leader regardless. Under Bush's enhanced interrogation policy (used on two really bad apples and killed no one), Obama claims we shamed one of our country's founding principles. Which of these cherished principles is honored by official silence while peaceful protesters are being shot in the streets by their own government's hand?

To be sure, the leading opposition candidate isn't a choir boy, nor would he necessarily be a friend to America or the West. But look at the movement, not the leader -- The answer is on the computer screens: the people protesting aren't wearing robes, headscarves and aren't sporting full beards and holding up pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini -- they are young, old, men and WOMEN, dressed in western style clothes, fairly well educated and modernized (based on their use of English seen in signs, mastery of video and Internet technology and calls for less government belligerence). How could THAT candidate be worse than what's in place now? If he wins, do you really think he's going to be pleased to have gotten not even a word of encouragement from us? If he looses, do you think Ahmadinejad is going to "owe" Bam one?

Lastly, here's the dirty "open" secret: Obama CAN'T say anything encouraging because that would then lead to images of protesters carrying signs reading "Obama, help us!" and "America, where ARE you?" which would then lead to calls for us to "DO something." And the US can't do anything with muscle or teeth because that is what GWB did next door in Iraq, and Barry, his party, Hollywood, the European Left, and most importantly all his financial contributor groups have spent the last 8 years bitching about.

"To sit across the table [from] a man whose regime has just killed
people, for example, it's going to be a public relations nightmare for the Obama administration."
-- Abbas Milani, who directs the
Iranian studies program at Stanford University

[Editor's Note: Curious--when was the last time we saw photos in print or video on the news channels of the Iraqis pulling down that big stature of Saddam and beating it with their shoes?]

Guess we can't have that, now can we?