Friday, May 22, 2009

Maybe if we called it a "Swirly" instead?

A good friend passed along Charley Krauthammer's Op-Ed today in the Wash Post. (Thanks)

A very good read.

Three things about Bam's speech on terrorist policy differences betwixt & between Admins.:

1) Up next, he'll make another meaningful change in the name from water boarding to "giving them a Swirly." Administered by some Chicago public school 9th graders in the Men's Room of P.S. #107 on the South Side, it will be just as threatening but then he can get away with this too.

2) Does the long list of flip-flops on Bush's "evil" policy and Bam's "Bush-lite" versions mean he has to give back all the accolades and positive poll numbers these empty promises generated from the weak minded fools + media sheep who supported him? And the Dems thought John F. Kerry flopped a lot. (Good thing the media's not paying attention and keeping score like they did in 2004).

3) On Bam's last "European Apology Tour," he apologized to just about everybody for just about everything GWB supposedly had done to "offend" world sensitivities. POTUS: Are you planning a trip down to Texas to apologize to W for trashing him before walking a mile in his shoes?