Monday, April 27, 2009

WP: Obama Supporters Going From 'Fired Up' to Tired Out

Read good article in the Washington Post this weekend, A Hundred Anxious Days

About a local councilwoman and her exhaustion in trying to help people going through tough times in a down-and-out town in South Carolina. Daily, her voicemail is loaded with calls seeing her assistance with everything from avoiding foreclosure to paying the light bill. But the saddest thing about this story is the number of calls of people seeing help, but not for the obvious reason.

Surely, no one should take pleasure from hearing their pleas for help. No, but what IS sad about the article is that -- in this day and age, when an African American man can become president of the US -- there's not more people like him. I don't agree with the Prez on a lot, but I do acknowledge him for what he did. He came up from nowhere, product of a broken home (mom was a fruit-loop flower child and original Dad was an absentee), uprooted & moved all around the world, raised by grandparents, teased & ridiculed & called names because of bi-racial heritage and his funny sounding name, etc. Say what you will, he fought though that and got the best education he could and took advantage of "help-ups" not "hand-outs."

The real problem behind this story is that those callers to Mrs. Childs' phone DON'T HAVE A CLUE about what to do to help themselves; so they call her. After 45+ years of institutionalized "help" from the Government, the people behind those 17 blinking messages really DON'T know how to get THEMSELVES out of troubles. Worse yet, they ignored the process of how they got into troubled positions in the first place, and even if she can help them, they wont' take action so as not to call back.

For three or four generations they've been told, "you can't do it alone" and "your disadvantaged" or "you need help from some program to make it" or "somebody else is holding you back so just vote for us and we'll make them stop." But that lie hasn't come from the people or the party it's normally attributed. Who has been telling these people all this time that THEY can't do it? Who's been telling them: you must have these programs because you just can't get it done with your own two feet or two hands or the wits in your head?

Talk about using outdated thinking and worn-out policies to overcome the problems of the modern world!! The President and his Party need to bag the tired old ploy of pitting the have-not's against the haves.

It isn't that these folks are being held down by the same sinister oppressors (as may have been the case in the past). The new oppressor does indeed come from Washington, but not with scowl or an elephant on his lapel, but with a smile and a program and claims they're "here to help."

The sad thing with the blinking lights on Mrs. Childs' message machine isn't that there are people calling asking for help; the core problem is that for far too long in far too many ways and for far too many people there has always BEEN something or some program there to help them out. And people got comfortable with that; some would argue not only comfortable but "entitled" to them.

Being "uncomfortable" or "underprivileged" or plain old "poor" should be the greatest motivator to individuals to: a) work to get out of that condition, and b) change their ways so as not to revert back. The problem with America in the last half of the 20th Century is that to overcome our guilt (collectively as one people) and make up for the unfairness of past sins, we committed a far greater sin by making those conditions palatable. And these people waited & waited in four year increments for the Messiah to come. Well, now he's here.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Childs' phone will keep on ringing; and sooner or later, her bank account is going to be empty. Much like our US Treasury and the 50% of the people who pay income taxes for themselves and the other 50% who don't. Presently, everyone is focused on what is happening to "the poor." They ought to be focused on who's paying the bills, because without them, nobody can be served or saved.