Monday, April 13, 2009

Sniping on Pirates

  • There the USA goes again, unilaterally brandishing its sword at the drop of a hat! We should have just been patient and taken this to the UN, and let the world body work things out.
  • This policy of shooting hostage-taking pirates is simply not working. We need a new course, a new vision; we need a president who doesn’t resort to military answer to everything. Only then can we regain our international stature.
  • Oh, just great! Now our mariners will be even MORE at risk of piracy because of this success. Those people are going to be much “less safe” because of this successful policy, not more safe.
  • Why didn't we allow time for diplomacy to work its course? OR to impose sanctions to show our displeasure?
  • Why must violence be the answer? Are we saying that one American life is more valuable than these three Somalis?
  • Why don't we get to know the plight of these poor, destitute pirates whose terrible living conditions drive them to do such things? Did we consider that this might be their only recourse to survive?
  • Who are we to say that their actions or right or wrong? Maybe this is just their culture, their worldview; after all, they haven’t actually killed anybody before. All they wanted was money to feed their poor countrymen.
  • This is ALL about oil, plain and simple. Can't have the shipping lanes in danger so the US can get it's precious oil out for its gas-guzzling SUVs and climate-changing electrical power plants.
  • And I'll bet Haliburton is involved in here somewhere.