Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Not only did we not intend to offend Christians, why, we even HAVE some Christians in our Administration, including the VP himself!"

(Note: Headline a homage to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's response to the bone-headed Right-Wing Extremists" memo.)

Gentle readers:

Do you recall back when John Ashcroft was US Attorney General, and spoke in the DOJ lobby that had a "topless" stature of Lady Justice?

News photographers and videographers took great delight in framing Mr. Ashcroft (a devout Christian) with the statue's knockers in the shot ("they're sculpted, and they're spectacular!").

Knowing it was going to be a repeated distraction, he directed that draping be placed over the statue’s “naughty bits” to avoid further mockery. Unfortunately, he was lampooned all the more by late-night hosts, comics and of course, Hollywood.

But that was OK because it was the Republicans and as we know they were fair game to ridicule. Today, why we’re just trying to get “a nice, plain backdrop.” Except of course for those killer stained glass windows -- man, did THEY look good.

The Prez selected the place for the speech for a reason (Georgetown, founded as a Catholic institution) to benefit from the venue. Most probably to help the idiot chancellor at Notre Dame with his upcoming commencement address. Darn, for a country that's not a Christian (or Judea-Christian) country, it's inconvenient to keep running into all these places with connections to those pesky faiths.

If the setting (potentially) embarrasses the Prez so much -- or he doesn’t want to offend the Muslim world and lose some of the points he scored with the Princely hand-kiss last week, then take the speech out of the venue completely, and don’t attempt to benefit from the place at all.

You can’t have it both ways. Can someone in the media call PLEASE grow a pair (not of those, but below, you know in the "tea bag") and them on this?