Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Tonight, a sitting US president will lower himself and his office to appear on a late night variety show -- The Tonight Show. (Congrats, Jay--big score).

Oh, isn't he wonderful. So down-to-earth. So unpretentious. So accessible to the common folk. (What's next, Judge Judy? I hear she's out-pulling some local news broadcast + of course, Perky Katie, in some markets.) But I digress.

Normally, when guests appear on the show, they bring a video clip of their most recent movie or TV special they are promoting. Since Barry is the president and EVERYTHING he does is covered by the news media (domestic and foreign), kinda makes you wonder why he needs Jay's audience too. But, again, I digress.

The ONE clip you WON'T see (and you'll no doubt not hear joked about) will be Barry's recent tango with the possessed TelePrompTer from-hell at the Irish Prime Minister's reception at the WH for St. Paddy's Day.

Apparently the 'prompter operator wasn't the only one who had too much of that green beer because the three of them couldn't get the pages straight. (But at least the Mic knew someone else's speech when he read it. )

Alas, we can't see the video because for some reason the video of this event has somehow been suppressed. Surely you don't mean it! You must be mistaken, C & A! It could never happen, right?

The pool of media that accompanies the president wherever he goes won't be
allowed into the NBC studio during Thursday's taping of that night's "The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno." That pool of about 14 journalists, made up of print
and radio reporters, one TV camera crew and a few still photographers, will
instead be held in a separate room where a live feed from the studio will be

Imagine, you can find videos online showing police brutality, drunken co-ed catfights outside bars, cats-chasing-red-laser-dots, convenience store hold-ups, and the occasional dancing stand-up comedian, BUT we can't find moving pictures OR audio of the Prez thanking himself for throwing the party of a head-of-state.

And we won't have Will Ferrell as an additional guest mugging his best "Ron Burgundy" character mis-reading the TelePrompTer news, either.

Mostly because we can't make fun of Barry, (but also because Will's making too much $$$ making fun of the former president, which is of course completely open season to ridicule.)

Thankfully, we have the foreign press to keep us informed.