Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here's looking at you, Barry

I like to think of myself as a "problem solver" rather than a "ranter" we hear so much about these days.

So in the spirit of helping out my fellow man, I've conceived of a helpful way f0r political cartoonists to satirize our new President without running the risk of insulting the Race Industry for using negative stereotypes or instigating the faithful Brownshirts of this new "Reich."

My idea doesn't involve skin color, or ears, or primates, or teeth. It avoids references to any historical figure, especially if they be of any particular, failed, 20th Century socio-political construct or "-ist" ideology.

So this morning I emailed my good friend, Gary Trudeau, through his website.

Suggested that, since he depicted in Doonesbury GHWB (#41) as "invisible" and GWB (43) as "invisible" wearing cowboy hats and Roman general's helmet, he might consider using a caricature of a TelePrompTer for illustrating the new Prez in upcoming strips.

(My comment hasn't been posted yet on the “Blowback” section of his site, naturally. Probably just an oversight.)

But keep watching. If we start seeing the reflective reading device immortalized in the strip, I'm going to use my ACLU- and Trial Lawyer Lobby-given right to SUE HIS PANTS OFF for stealing my idea.