Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where have you gone, Ed Murrow?

Whew. Good thing 99% of journalism is overlooking stuff like this because of the national emergency and all. Too much is at stake for anything untidy like this to get out and divert our attention to all the Change that’s being laid down.

You know, each day, I awake to hear what new policy is being put in place for my benefit, and rejoice. The morning news is brimming with Hope and Responsibility and Transparency that I don't know how I possibly functioned without before now.

And I’m continually astonished and oh, so very thankful how lucky we are as a country to have as our President the ONLY politician –apparently-- to make it out of the Chicago political system that is a straight-arrow, uncorrupted and clean as the wind-driven snow!

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The stories below are not from some Right-wing wacko book-writer, flame-throwing talk show host or the GOP. It’s from the Chicago Tribune, (which endorsed BHO for prez in 2008).]

"Before its portfolio of bad loans helped trigger the current housing crisis,
mortgage giant Freddie Mac was the focus of a major accounting scandal that led to a management shake-up, huge fines and scalding condemnation of passive directors by a top federal regulator.One of those allegedly asleep-at-the-switch board members was Chicago's Rahm Emanuel—now chief of staff to President Barack
—who made at least $320,000 for a 14-month stint at Freddie Mac that
required little effort.",0,1946702.story

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Tonight, a sitting US president will lower himself and his office to appear on a late night variety show -- The Tonight Show. (Congrats, Jay--big score).

Oh, isn't he wonderful. So down-to-earth. So unpretentious. So accessible to the common folk. (What's next, Judge Judy? I hear she's out-pulling some local news broadcast + of course, Perky Katie, in some markets.) But I digress.

Normally, when guests appear on the show, they bring a video clip of their most recent movie or TV special they are promoting. Since Barry is the president and EVERYTHING he does is covered by the news media (domestic and foreign), kinda makes you wonder why he needs Jay's audience too. But, again, I digress.

The ONE clip you WON'T see (and you'll no doubt not hear joked about) will be Barry's recent tango with the possessed TelePrompTer from-hell at the Irish Prime Minister's reception at the WH for St. Paddy's Day.

Apparently the 'prompter operator wasn't the only one who had too much of that green beer because the three of them couldn't get the pages straight. (But at least the Mic knew someone else's speech when he read it. )

Alas, we can't see the video because for some reason the video of this event has somehow been suppressed. Surely you don't mean it! You must be mistaken, C & A! It could never happen, right?

The pool of media that accompanies the president wherever he goes won't be
allowed into the NBC studio during Thursday's taping of that night's "The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno." That pool of about 14 journalists, made up of print
and radio reporters, one TV camera crew and a few still photographers, will
instead be held in a separate room where a live feed from the studio will be

Imagine, you can find videos online showing police brutality, drunken co-ed catfights outside bars, cats-chasing-red-laser-dots, convenience store hold-ups, and the occasional dancing stand-up comedian, BUT we can't find moving pictures OR audio of the Prez thanking himself for throwing the party of a head-of-state.

And we won't have Will Ferrell as an additional guest mugging his best "Ron Burgundy" character mis-reading the TelePrompTer news, either.

Mostly because we can't make fun of Barry, (but also because Will's making too much $$$ making fun of the former president, which is of course completely open season to ridicule.)

Thankfully, we have the foreign press to keep us informed.

Here's looking at you, Barry

I like to think of myself as a "problem solver" rather than a "ranter" we hear so much about these days.

So in the spirit of helping out my fellow man, I've conceived of a helpful way f0r political cartoonists to satirize our new President without running the risk of insulting the Race Industry for using negative stereotypes or instigating the faithful Brownshirts of this new "Reich."

My idea doesn't involve skin color, or ears, or primates, or teeth. It avoids references to any historical figure, especially if they be of any particular, failed, 20th Century socio-political construct or "-ist" ideology.

So this morning I emailed my good friend, Gary Trudeau, through his website.

Suggested that, since he depicted in Doonesbury GHWB (#41) as "invisible" and GWB (43) as "invisible" wearing cowboy hats and Roman general's helmet, he might consider using a caricature of a TelePrompTer for illustrating the new Prez in upcoming strips.

(My comment hasn't been posted yet on the “Blowback” section of his site, naturally. Probably just an oversight.)

But keep watching. If we start seeing the reflective reading device immortalized in the strip, I'm going to use my ACLU- and Trial Lawyer Lobby-given right to SUE HIS PANTS OFF for stealing my idea.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


(EDITOR's NOTE: I posted this same text below to before/as it was being headlined on Drudge; after posting, I visited TDR and saw it headlined about the private citizen. But that's OK because great minds think alike).

Isn't there a law that prohibits the weight and power of the Office of the President from being used to target/abuse:
1) a specific private citizen or private business
2) a member of the press or "the media"?

Isn't this what Nixon was accused of doing to those on his "enemies List"? The candidate who pledged to run the most transparent administration in history has gone back in history and resurrected a “dirty tricks” team!

Where are the civil libertarians? Where are the Journalism and First Amendment professors? Where’s the ACLU?

What happened to this former editor of the Harvard Law Review? What happened to his pledge to listen to his critics?
If this has been planned and underway since October, then what does that make Obama, who stood before the world in January and promised to "... proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Surprise! $250K earners will soon try to earn $1 less

Check out the results of the ABC News poll today on its Blog section.

Why is this a surprise? Heck, it's human nature and common sense. I'm not a millionaire, but I know this makes sense.

Evidently, The Prez and the Dems have chosen to disregard what every businessperson knows, the old saw, “make up on volume what you don’t on margin.” Of course, The Prez went to LAW school at Harvard, not the Business school. And because The Prez has been out organizin' communities, and really has never worked in "business" -- or started one -- at a management level, he can’t really be blamed for ignoring what every small businessperson has experienced this truism firsthand.

Given the chance and the opportunity, most everyone else would do this too. Why WOULD you want to intentionally inflict more tax pain on yourself if you are anywhere near that $250K threshold? As people leave that strata (there's going to be a LOT more $249,9990-ers pretty soon), the Government will HAVE to eventually go after them, first using the IRS, then as the Taxman in that $200-249K segment.

Taxing this group of people – and driving them to do the opposite (earn LESS) of what they would normally do (earn MORE and therefore pay MORE taxes) – makes about as much sense as taxing cigarette smokers to cover more healthcare funding needs while you're trying every trick in the book to get them to quit (including paying for smoking cessation programs and PSAs. Eventually, that pool will dry up (either from kicking the habit or kicking the bucket) and you’ll be on the lookout for a new funding source to replace them.

That's why it's a lie from the start that only "the rich" will be taxed more. And the President's party knows that; this happens all the time.

This is NOT retreading of some other Conservative Blogger, The WSJ or Rush; I am old enough to remember this for myself. I was there, and I know this happened.

While a candidate the 1990s, Mr. Clinton also promised "the middle class" (although the media doesn't remember this). The week of his inauguration as president, Bubba declared that things were worse than he was told/realized and that for the good of the country, the tax break promise had to wait.

So, during that much-touted, prosperous, booming economy of the 90s that Bubba supposedly gave us (although no one I ask can ever point to what precise program or policy he proposed to produce such a boom), the middle class didn't taste of a tax cut. He DID however pass the largest (at that time) tax increase in history, then cut back on Military spending (thank you Mr. Bush 1st); Welfare Reform passed and HilaryCare didn't (thus saving money all around) and thank you Mr. Gingrich, and Bubba got his budget surplus --- and a hummer. But I digress.....

25-Point Bonus Question: Do you know which party wrote appropriation and
spending legislation for the majority of the 1990s? It was under
Republican-controlled Congress, (especially the House's John Kasich, R-Ohio via
McKees Rocks Pa.), that the nation’s Welfare system was overhauled and a
balanced budget plan was enacted. Funny, you hear about this all
the time but never see videotape of the passage in Congress. Imagine

Do you really think in times like these, the middle class is going to fare any better? If you believe that, I've got some sub-prime mortgages I'd like to sell you.