Monday, February 09, 2009

Stand up and remove your caps, please

Isn't it amazing:
The President can, with great populist fanfare, officially limit the pay of private sector employees because they received federal funds. But he can't go back to members of his own party -- in power -- and request that they cut out the pork from this alleged "Stimulus Package."

And nobody asks him about that.

Why stop a bank management? What capping other workers’ pay? Ah, then suddenly that won't be such a good idea.

Public School Teachers. Let's cap them (at a price that might not be as high as it is now) after all they haven't exactly been turning out "hybrids" lately. Let's REQUIRE THEM to achieve certain performance measures, like the Bank CEOs. How much have years of producing sub-standard products (illiterate adult grads who can't read their diplomas) from the government school system cost this economy and the country. And the results of poor education isn't covered by a one-time bailout--we pay for that year in and year out.

Or auto assembly workers. Let them work at a certain level, then when they become presidents of the auto company, they can have a big bonus too. Or how about their unions? Why haven't they been stocking away money for a day like today; to re-fi member mortgages; cover gaps where health insurance doesn't cover; or offer re-training into other jobs or "green economy" opportunities? Why sit around a trust your precious member's futures to your adversary -- Management?

What about Hollywood actors compared to stage hands, extras; recording artist verses back-up singers or studio musicians. Then suddenly that won't be such a good idea.

Funny, when someone opposes giving federal grants to artists who submerge crucifixes in urine, that’s hysterical religious fanaticism or the knee-jerk reactionism of the boorish unsophisticated common man that approaches infringement on the First Amendment and freedom of speech. But when someone is given a bonus for heading a complex, nationwide, multi-billion (private) financial institution operating in the free market, that’s suddenly too obscene for the public to stomach.