Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's Fat (Chance) Tuesday

Our friend Governor Jindal missed a golden opportunity to paint a vivid picture of what’s going on by squandering the most obvious analogy about the events of the past two weeks:
Mardi Gras in his state! (photo credit:, Wednesday 25 February 2009)

How fitting is was it that the President’s expertly delivered but completely improbable speech about his Year One agenda came on “Fat Tuesday?”

The day that is synonymous with New Orleans Louisiana. The day when people WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER rationalize to themselves and others their dalliances in the extremes of personal lusts, vices and gluttony. This Fat Tuesday was indeed a crescendo of extravagance and revelry ostensively to “get it out of one’s system” prior to a period of self-restraint, reflection and penance from these same shortcomings.

Could one have described better what’s just happened with the “Stimulus Package?” A week of “tomorrow may never come,” “come on baby, there’s a bomb hanging over our heads,”Of course, I’ll still respect you in the morning” extravagance in pet projects and unprecedented government over-reach.

Last night was the “revelry.” Today comes the call for self-restraint and penance.

Unfortunately this is going to last longer than a mere 40 days and a resurrection at the journey’s end is not a sure thing.