Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News Flash! Media finds Minority it can make fun of

Apparently, in a move responding to years of badgering by The Right on this subject, the news media has finally identified a Minority who is approved for lampooning and mockery.

Thus, throwing off decades of political correctness, the major news media today has broken new ground in advancing "equal treatment for all" and has answered one of Conservative America's longest-held criticisms of the Fourth Estate.

Elites in Mainstream Media Circles of New York, Washington and Hollywood point to this as a sign of how unbiased they truly are and how "colorblind" they are when it comes to "poking a bit of fun" at those in the news.

Jindal faces tough audience

Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood


Daily Kos even brought out the "turban" word. (OK, they were doing satire. Ooooh, so they get extra points in the equal treatment column for that.)

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