Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rush to Judgment

During the protests of the Iraq War, did Pres. Bush ever have the temerity to say, "I won" reelection and all these protesters be damned? Did Mr. Bush ever tell people publicly not to buy Dixie Chicks CDs, cancel their HBO because of Bill Maher’s constant disparagement, or refrain from movie-going to see any of Hollywood’s long litany of anti-war, anti-Bush drivel? No, in fact, he stated clearly time and again that such folks were within their rights to do so.

When actor/”activist” Sean Penn traveled to Iran and Venezuela and met with Ahmadinejad and Chavez, wasn’t that physical act by a private citizen more than just a simple statement of hoped-for failure of Bush’s foreign policy? When the VERY FIRST bill taken up by the new Democratic controlled Congress in 2007 was a measure to tie-up war funding, wasn’t that actual interference with a presidential directed policy and not merely a verbal broadside advocating its failure?

Did any of the legion of famous celebrity Bush critics, professional protesters or 527-groups ever give him a “honeymoon,” adopt a grace period, or embrace Mr. Bush’s two inaugural invitations to “come together, set aside partisan rancor and work for a more civil tone” in Washington?

So why now is what Rush said any different from the idiotic non sequitur, “I support the troops but I’m against the war?”