Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama's Missed Opportunity

Here's something you don't see everyday. President Obama missing an "opp" -- photo or otherwise.

Obama calls $18B in Wall Street bonuses 'shameful'

Not mincing words, Obama says $18B in bonuses to Wall Street bankers is 'shameful'

I agree, it is shameful.
It is the height of irresponsibility.

The Stimulus Bill, I mean.

If you are going to (rightfully) come down on these idiot businesses for their unbridled greed (bonuses, corporate jets, redecorating offices, resort & spa trips), then why not call out all the House members who are using this "emergency" as a chance to belly up to the public trough for more pork projects? (How these numnuts rose to be Captains of Industry is beyond me. But I digress...)

Obama should have kicked the Stimulus bill back and told his OWN party:
"NO!-- this is NOT the time or the place to make a pork
"grab." Go back to the drawing board and bring out a bill that
includes only genuine stimulus (job-creation right now and/or tax breaks that
encourage investment in businesses and NOT bonuses or perks)."

If he would have done that, he would have earned the respect of ALL citizens (Blue and Red) but I dare say he would have especially made many more fans Republicans! This (fantasy) bitch-slap would have drawn lines in the sand (and you know who I mean) and given his rhetoric SO much more credence that his administration could have stored-up so much "consent of the governed" he could probably get past anything but Health care without much of a fight for the rest of the year.

The media would have sung his praise (even more than they are now if that's possible), his critics would have been thunder-struck and pretty much silenced on this issue, and the new bill would have FLOWN through the House with 99 percent of ALL representatives.

Obama not only missed a chance to really bring the country together by proving his pledge to "Change Washington" and make a statement about no more “business as usual,” he missed an early "Golden Opportunity" to make a statement that would have been remembered in US history as much as "Tear down this wall."

Too bad.