Monday, November 10, 2008

Suddenly, NOW a cause worth fighting for

Leave it to the NY Times to come late to the party.

Good ‘ol Tom Friedman suggests in a recent column that since The Chosen One* has been elected, NOW would be a good time for our allies to pitch in and help with Iraq and Afghanistan.

I understand any foreigner who objected to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the
gross mishandling of the postwar. But surely everyone in the world has an
interest in helping Obama, who opposed the war, bring it to a decent and stable
end, especially now that there is a chance that Iraq could emerge as the first
democracy, albeit messy, in the heart of the Arab-Muslim world. Obama was
against how this Iraq war started, but he is going to be held responsible for
how it ends, so why don’t all our allies now offer whatever they can — money,
police, aid workers, troops, diplomatic support — to increase the odds of a
decent end in Iraq? Ditto Afghanistan
--Thomas Friedman, "Show Me the Money" NY Times, Nov. 9, 2008.

Gosh, do ya think? Where have you been, Mr. Friedman?

Is it only NOW that this is such a good idea? Why, after all the billions of dollars of American tax money (not to mention the precious American soldiers’ lives) that you’ve relentlessly bemoaned for years, would the “… first democracy, albeit messy, in the heart of Arab-Muslim world…” be a GOOD thing? How many servicemen have died that perhaps might have lived had voices such as yours not been silent – more accurately, detracting – of this cause?

Here's why now: The heavy lifting is over, things are working and it’s safe.

This is one of many reasons this cause was worth supporting 5 years ago, only then it would have really mattered and saved SO much between and now. How many lives have been sacrificed (American and Iraqi)? How much treasury has been spent? How much ill-feeling has been fomented in the world thanks to you and other late-comers now deciding this might be a worthwhile thing?

It’s very bold of you to cherry-pick this convenient point in history to rightly point out those “free-riders on American power” and call for their assistance. The cost in lives and limbs have been paid by others you claim to have been concerned about; but their lives weren't enough to convince you to call for such an all-out effort THEN. The economic costs have been so great that you thought "surely" they would have voted Bush out long ago; but it still wasn't enough for you to send a rally cry THEN. The political price has been paid by Mr. Bush who unwaveringly held to his convictions, principles and his word (which the Left calls, stubbornness or closemindedness) even in the face of withering criticism, the disparagement of his personal reputation and the Presidential office, and even the detriment of his own political party’s election fortunes.

Oh, sorry. I just answered my own question.