Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Madonna and Child

How gracious. How generous. How touching.

How sad.

It's really a Hobson's Choice to live a life of wealth and privilege among strangers or be third-world poor but live with people of you heritage and perhaps even blood relatives who love you --or at least care for you -- unconditionally?

Is it better to be "a nobody" living in anonymity but not realizing how poor you are than to be a tabloid media curiosity, hounded by the paparazzi for the rest of your life, and surrounded by other spoiled celebrity rich kids in a culture of low morals and the temptations of all sorts of excess (drugs, alcohol, etc.)?

Was the child richer in terms of what really matters in life -- a sense of place, living with your own kind, finding your own destiny -- than what he'll inherit by being "David Richey?"

Is she really doing him that much of a favor? Who's to say, as Madonna did say, that he would "never have a life" if she had not denighed to rescues the boy from that orphanage? Who's to say that he COULDN'T rise from those depths on his own someday, perhaps to be a great leader of his own people or country? Maybe he could work and study hard and be a brilliant scholar or scientist or industrialist or artist, etc.

I think its just another example of something rich and powerful celebrities do to appear that "they care." Even if she spent eight days visiting orphanages supported by her charity. Its' my impression is that the child is just Madonna's "flavor of the month." Like she needed to get herself one of those to keep up with the Joneses, or in this case the Pitts. Right up there with the trendy designer dogs now all the rage in Hollywood and on 5th Avenue.

This child's life won't be the bed of roses most think it will be. True, the baby won't grow up in the poverty he apparently was born into, but what about the love of a family? He won the lottery in that sense.

Who believes Madonna is actually going to raise the child? She won't--her nannies and personal assistants and "staff" will do most of the work and probably most of the parenting. Just look at the news coverage so far--the baby was being carried through the airport by one of Madonna's "entourage." It would be a slight improvement if the child was completely parentless or totally abandoned -- an orphan -- but its still sad.