Thursday, June 08, 2006

What good will it do? Oh, brother.

The president’s critics crack me up. They can't bring themselves to admit even the death of Terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a good thing.

For how long have we heard critics say, "What progress are we making?" "Bin Laden is still loose. Zarqawi is still loose." "Bombings are still happening....etc."

(As if the two dead Hussein brothers, Saddam caught in a rat hole and in jail for genocide, two overwhelmingly successful free & fair elections, ratification of a democratic-style constitution, seating of a government and selection of a prime minister weren't enough "progress".)

Well, here is good news--demonstrated progress. He was here yesterday, he's not around today. That's good.

But the echo of the bombs hasn't yet faded, and what do we hear & see on CNN? "Will Zarqawi's death even mean anything?"

The answer is, YES, all these things DO matter, especially for all those who are so concerned about “bringing the troops home."

If Zarqawi’s not around to plan one more suicide attack or engineer one more IED, isn't that a good thing?

If people want the troops home, stop aiding & abetting the enemy (who watch the news more than most Americans) by giving them encouragement that we'll turn tail and run when things get difficult.

These things ARE progress because once done, it's one less thing that NEEDS to be done. And that is truely what's going to bring the troops home.

This is ESPECIALLY good news if -- IF -- what CNN and others are reporting is true--that Zarqawi was "ratted-on" by someone in his own organization! If that doesn't point to hope & signs of break-down among the terrorists, what does?

Critics need to take a chill. Give W his moment. Enjoy an American victory as an American instead of joining the chorus of our enemies. (Yes, enemies. The people killing & maiming all those soldiers critics are supposedly so concerned about AREN'T Cheney, Rummy, and W –they are people like Zarqawi.)

To those critics, I say: Stop being a bunch of bitter, obstinate critics. Be happy for the country that this guy won't be killing anyone again. You can go back to hating George Bush again tomorrow, because that’s what you really are concerned about anyway.