Thursday, August 25, 2005

What's a good liberal to do?

Lemme see if I can sort this out….

People who care about endangered sea turtles apparently think that without sexy babes, macho Mexican men won’t pay attention to attempts to stamp out illegal trafficking in their eggs.

But we can’t “stereotype” Mexican men as being “machismo”–addicted, one-track-mind individual, because that would be offensive.

But, how can it be offensive if Mexico is making “public policies the government is promoting in terms of gender issues." And I guess the problem is “real” or else why would the “government” be taking such steps and promoting such policies?

But another problem is that using sexy babes detracts from all the progress women have made getting “machismo”–addicted, one-track-mind individuals to stop thinking of them as sex objects. So they are not against saving turtle eggs, just against how the message is being communicated.

But, only machismo–addicted, one-track-mind individuals are driving the black market for these eggs, which they think will keep them or make them even more “machismo”–addicted, one-track-mind individuals. So, given that they pretty much ignore laws, jail time, fines, and social disdain for gobbling these eggs, unless they hear the message from objects that they desire, (i.e. the sexy babes), they’re pretty much gonna keep the demand up for them.

So, without sexy babes, sea turtles are gonna die.

Well at least they are fetuses so they won't feel any pain.

What is a good Liberal to do?

Damn that George W. Bush’s evil and illegal war in Iraq! If that was over, everything would be fine in the world.