Monday, April 18, 2005

Why can't America be more like Europe?

Ah, yes. Why doesn’t America be more like Europe?
Man, you know it’s bad when the BBC even reports this type of news.

(Sounds like they need a couple more weeks of mandatory, employer-funded vacation.) I guess they are starting to figure out that SOMEBODY has to PAY for all this stuff. And when people aren't working, they don't collect taxes. W/o taxes, you either borrow more against yourself (like we do in the good ol USA) or the BBC writes a story like these.

Germany's new 'great depression'

"Record numbers of Germans are suffering from depression and other mental
illnesses, a new report says."

What!!!!!???? Cut HEALTHCARE? And PENSIONS!!!???
My, those evil Republicans are everywhere!!! How did W and Carl Rove get this passed?

Germany's jobless face tough choices
Analysis By Ben Richardson BBC News business reporter

“A key factor in this growing sense of unease has been attempts by Chancellor
Gerhard Schroeder's government to reform Germany's inflexible labour market, and
cut state spending on healthcare and pensions.”