Monday, March 21, 2005

Commies: They haven't gone anywhere

FYI. From a friend visiting England over the weekend.

See, they Commies didn’t “go” anywhere.
After the Wall fell, most folks said “well, that’s that.”
Only problem was, the Commies didn’t quit; they just decided to hide in plain sight and “go legit” (sort of). In a classic Judo technique (use the opponent’s superior size/strength against him) they decided to use the West’s own openness/liberty against us.

They’re still out there, masquerading as “Green people” or “anti-war” advocates. This explains why you can get thousands (sometimes hundreds of) people out in a protest. That’s how many Commies are still out there in the “peace/anti-war” community, in the environmental movement, in Socialist-leaning governments, in “world bodies” like the UN, The World Court.

Now, if that’s what you want your other US national party to be associated with and caring about, then you’ve got other problems.....

Hi there,
You know, during my work, I do get a chance to get out every now
and then. During my current extended stay in London, I'd planned to get a chance
to visit a museum or two, watch the changing of the guard, etc. And I stumbled
onto a "party..." You'll know what I'm talking about if were paying attention to
the news this past Saturday and Sunday.
I hope this note finds you
Sorry for the size of the files.