Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Where do crabby people come from?

Cookie klatch lands girls in court--Denver Post (Feb. 4, 2005)

When I first read this, I figured they scared some poor old widow or something.

Wonder if anyone told this lady that if a batch of late night cookies from two high school teeny-boppers are going to give her heartburn, wait till she sees what a burning dung pile of international BAD publicity is going to do.

She’ll have to move to get away from all the nasty mail she’s about to get. Especially when the girls get on Larry King or TODAY or Letterman. The upside for the girls is they're probably going to get their $900 back, twenty-fold.

I always wondered where crabby old people come from.
Now I know: crabby young people.

What’s wrong with people?!?


Poser said...

Oh yeah?! YOU'RE a crabby person ...

well that and a LOSER!

Poser said...

I should probably stick a "smiley" there. ;-)