Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank you, President Carter

Gosh, thanks for all that swell help you provided to avoid such a situation, Mr. President.
Take a look at these nuggets and tell me who we really have to thank for today's wonderful news on N. Korea's nukes.

Here’s a good NewsMax piece that pretty much sums up the problem.

Check out this Fact Sheet from the Center for Defense Information. Pretty straightforward.

On Oct. 16, 2002, the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush
disclosed that North Korea had admitted to having a program to enrich uranium
for use in nuclear weapons. With its admission, North Korea, also known as the
Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK, abrogated the Agreed Framework
signed in 1994 with United States, under which the North Koreans agreed to
freeze their nuclear weapons program.

This op-ed originally appeared in the Sept. 2, 2003, edition of USA TODAY.

We face the strong possibility of another Korean war, with potentially
devastating consequences, so the endangered multilateral talks in Beijing are of
paramount importance. It is vital that some accommodation be reached between
Pyongyang and Washington.

Another good post from a recent college grad that fortunately didn't get brainwashed in college and came out with an accurate observation of a president in office before he was born.

Jimmy Carter: Unsuccessful President


O Brother - in law said...

Some of the credit goes to ALGORE